We are the go-to demo contractor in the Midwest!

Having worked on hundreds of projects throughout Ohio with over fifty general contractors, 180 Demo is not only Central Ohio’s leading interior demo company, but the go-to demo contractor in the Midwest!

But this is not our end goal!

It all started over lunch with a contractor.

180 Demo started by accident! Our founder John Rush was having lunch with a contractor and the contractor asked John if he might consider helping build a team that could address his ongoing need for a reliable and safe demolition company. 

John was looking for a way to create a pathway for the construction trades for individuals impacted by the criminal justice system. The idea of building a demo company that could be used as a platform for men and women to prove their past does not need to define who they are was planted. But to do this it was vitally important to focus on building the business first!

Over the following eight years the idea materialized. The idea incubated within the CleanTurn brand for several years and eventually became a distinct business line within CleanTurn. As CleanTurn morphed into a premiere commercial cleaning company with a very distinct and targeted market it started to become more clear that the demo business line was going to need to launch off on its own.

Our purpose is to leverage our company as a way of addressing issues related to criminal justice reform.

Over the last eight years we have seen men and women exit prison, work at 180 Demo and now work as Carpenters, Plumbers, Electricians, Framers, Drywallers, Iron Workers and business owners.

Stay plugged in with us as we build on these successes!

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